Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Soliah Family

This family is so much fun!! I love these girls and their personality. I just can't get enough of this beautiful bunch, I always look forward to our sessions together!! Enjoy!

The Bryant Family

When I see this family all I can think about is that song "Shiny Happy People"!! I can't say enough nice things about this bunch, they are just AWESOME!! Enjoy!!

Carrie is also a very talented!! She owns Bentley's Bows a local business that ranges from bows, tutus, custom shirts and T's. Basically any girly need you have a craving for she has it! Check her out, you can thank me later!!

Double the cuteness

I love newborns, I especially love twins!!! These sweet babies were the highlight of my day last week. I sit in amazement that Mom and Dad have double the diapers and double the feedings. But when I really thought about it, that also means they have double the smiles, double the laughs, and most importantly double the blessings. Enjoy!

Anna turns 5

I LOVE this little girl so much!! She has the best personality, the cutest little smile and a laugh that is so contagious. It has been such a gift to watch this sweet little girl grow up, I still can't believe she's 5. Enjoy!!

The Rice Sisters

These girls are so stinking fun. This is why I love my job...almost a year ago I did the youngest newborn pictures and look at her now?! I love watching these babies grow up into beautiful children. Nothing can top these smiles!! Enjoy!

The Brandon Family

What a sweet family! Mom and Dad know they are going to have their hands full, these little girls are so stinking cute!! Enjoy!


This might possibly go down as the shortest Bluebonnet season in history. Thankfully I was able to get a few shots of my babies. Technically Alexis doesn't belong to me, but she's my niece and I love her as if she was my own!! Enjoy!!


These tiny tots are busting at the seams with personality, they make my job near effortless!!! Enjoy!!

Cute little Cooper!

Ok seriously this little boy started my day off with a smile!! He's the sweetest little munchkin ever and way too cute!! Enjoy!